Understanding life has been pivotal in the development of new drugs, therapeutical strategies, practices to improve yield of crops, agricultural outputs, cattle, poultry etc. However Scientists/ Clinicians are at times plagued by lack of infrastructure/ expertise to conduct in-vitro/ pre-clinical experiments to validate their products or methodologies developed. This division of AuroGyaan aims to provide quality research assistance to scientists in the Life Sciences/ Medical Sciences/ Pharmaceutical and traditional medicine domains including personalised solutions to meet the research needs of the clients.

This includes the Design and Development of specific assays for testing the efficacy/ pre-clinical validation of formulations (Drugs / Traditional Medicines), implantable biomaterials and other products in the agriculture industry/ antimicrobials/insecticides/ pesticides/ bioprosthetics. This would include mechanical stability tests, toxicity studies, Biochemical tests, sterility tests, mechanistic assays including electrophysiological analysis, enzymatic and spectrophotometric assays.

Some assays include

In-vivo – ECG, EEG , Any measurement of Action potentials or bioelectrical potentials for studying effects of any compounds (anaesthetics, cardiac rhythm modulating drugs, drugs affecting neuronal function)

In Vitro – Effect of any compound on primary cell lines like neurons (DRG, sciatic nerve, Trigeminal nerve ganglion), cardiomyocytes, or other electrically excitable cells ; Effect of compound on specific ion channels including cardiac HERG channels (basic toxicity screen for any type of drug), Kv1. 3, Kv1.4 etc (specific proliferation, cardiac markers) , Mechanistic studies to identify exact molecular targets

Complete panel on cardiotoxicity, neurotoxicity, hepatotoxicy and toxicity on progenitor cells (Stem cell) for any molecule or compound

Preclinical studies for evaluating effect of compounds on viability, differentiation etc and to screen for novel compounds with potential to differentiate multipotent cells into specific lineages

Customised Mechanistic studies for bioscaffolds, nanoparticles and other regenerative medicine studies involving new formulations or procedures developed

3 D Cell culture models on embryoid bodies/ mesenchymal stem cells – Customised based on requirements (Disease models also could be designed based on the requirements)

Customised in-vitro and in-vivo assays for novel compounds for diseases including:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Cancer
  3. Arrhythmia
  4. Cardio tonics
  5. Skin disorders
  6. Autoimmune diseases
  7. Pain
  8. Neural dysfunction
  9. Liver dysfunction
  10. Hypertension

Identification of active principle in traditional medicine formulations/ assessment of purity of formulations, stability tests and deriving mechanism of targets with special emphasis on elevating the Traditional Medicine Practises to a global standard by providing  turn key research solutions and validation using advanced modern scientific methods.

Molecular biology experiments including gene expression analysis etc